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My sexy blogs

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About a week ago I received a call from a client. Man strict but at the same time a bit shy voice said that he had read my blogs and very much like to meet with me. And that after our meeting, I wrote here. So I described the real story, not only my dreams and fantasies. And he, that he read in his spare time and remember our time together spent. 
Time passed quickly. And now day "x". At 14. 00 I arrived at the address in Herzelia. I will say this, this time I was a bit nervous. I did not know what to expect from a man who wants sex and after the description of the same sex. A sort of a sexual giant or pervert I guess. Well, it's time to call ... 
To meet me came out a man 45-50 years, so, a little plump, with a beard, seemed to be nothing special, but at first glance there was sympathy between us. I noticed right away that I liked him. The man introduced himself Alex and led me into the house. About what it was home! I am a creative person will immediately appreciate the wonderful design of the room into which he led me. It was in the style of vintage retro ... Anyway, I skip the interior so I can talk about it for a long time)) 
Alex sat me in a chair and offered a drink and a bit of a chat. He told me that he lives in France, here in Israel he have a villa where likes to relax and create. He is sculptor and painter! Wow, great! I confess that I myself as a creative person like their own kind. The conversation became more interesting ... We discussed the seemingly everything from Romanesque style to high - tech) At some point, Alex stopped. Put his half-full glass on the table and walked over to me. Slightly bent clung to my lips. Frankly, so suddenly I did not expect. Our tongues were active in full in the mouth of each other. Not looking up from this exciting class, I felt a shiver through the body ... such a nice, ufff love this feeling. My pussy became so wet that I could no longer restrain myself and wanted to Alex came over me. We have gone over to the sofa. I lifted my ass, helping him to release her from my panties. Finally panties thrown on the floor and in front of Alex, spreading legs, I lie - excited woman is ready for the real fuck. My pussy lips parted to the side, allowing access to the hot, oozing depth of the vagina. Alex pressed his mouth to my cave and began to intensively cultivate the language of the clitoris and lips, licking a little sour juice. And when he put his tongue deep into me and began to rotate it there, I'm all arched, she shivered shiver, and, with a long groan, cum. Alex decided to make me cum again. Replacing the tongue into the vagina with two fingers on his hands, he began to fuck me by fingers while caressing his tongue pea clitoris. After some time, due to abundant precipitated grease, he added another finger, and quickened their movements. His hand deftly scurried between my legs, and tongue butterfly fluttering over my clitoris. New, even more powerful orgasm, do not wait. At this time, I strongly pressed the head of Alex's to my pubis. After the surge subsided within me, I wished a dick. Alex did not think twice dropped his pants and pulled out his penis. He was up but its size does not allow to insert it into my vagina. Too small ... I Brenda or not! There is always a way out and they are always at least two! I asked to bring acrylic paints and brushes. He looked quickly brought the entire set. I am putting together my knees I have represented hairy pussy in retro style with pink hole between my knees. Acrylic paints dry instantly, now they will be difficult to clean up even with soap. Bailiffs knees tightly together, I said: -Now put here! Alex was immensely happy:)) I will say that I am a modest girl, but for a long time that Alex had no women and only worked with sculpture and painting - I was a real find! 
P. S. Good tips and my portrait, I received as a gift. He read my blogs that I am helping poor children and now I'm going to help single mother, who left in a difficult situation and her baby have nothing to go to school. His need to dress and prepare for school. So Alex put his picture up for auction that would help the poor child. 
How do I love life in all its manifestations. 
I like good people, I love to make people happy and this even more happy. 

I hasten to accept it as a beautiful woman can kiss without end and never get to the same place!
You Will Love Me In Person!
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Woke up, dressed, smiled and went to decorate the world. As the poet said: "the beautiful woman is a profession.

Services: SAFE GFE, Erotic massage, Masturbation, Kissing with tongue, Foot fetish, Full Body Sensual Massage and more
liking escort

liking escort

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I flew from Tel Aviv to the island on vacation. The usual flight, the aircraft can stand, in the bag were some new interesting detective, feeling wonderful - in General, everything was normal as always. But the detective was boring, and twenty minutes later I fell asleep. Woke up from the unbearable “want”. It felt like I had sex for a year was not. Although in reality I was masturbating in the bathroom a couple of hours before the plane. I sat and felt every moment more and more excited. The idea was that on Board the aircraft leaked a laughing gas sexy and so me going on is a disgrace. But all the other passengers sat quietly. Any slight movement, even a simple breath brought such a pleasure! I was afraid that someone would notice what was happening to me. Opened the book and pretended to read. A couple of times the flight attendant passed through the cabin, not paying any attention to me. I relaxed and after a few minutes I felt the orgasm. The most common, natural orgasm. Five minutes later another one. A strange feeling and nice and creepy at the same time: understand that you can't control your own body. As soon as we landed, all the pleasant feelings were gone. All week I was waiting for the return flight. But on the way back nothing happened... So guys, I back in town and look forward to meeting with you! 
P. S. I lose my phone on vocation so now I have new number! 

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