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Services: SAFE GFE, Erotic massage, Masturbation, Kissing with tongue, Foot fetish, Full Body Sensual Massage and more
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I flew from Tel Aviv to the island on vacation. The usual flight, the aircraft can stand, in the bag were some new interesting detective, feeling wonderful - in General, everything was normal as always. But the detective was boring, and twenty minutes later I fell asleep. Woke up from the unbearable “want”. It felt like I had sex for a year was not. Although in reality I was masturbating in the bathroom a couple of hours before the plane. I sat and felt every moment more and more excited. The idea was that on Board the aircraft leaked a laughing gas sexy and so me going on is a disgrace. But all the other passengers sat quietly. Any slight movement, even a simple breath brought such a pleasure! I was afraid that someone would notice what was happening to me. Opened the book and pretended to read. A couple of times the flight attendant passed through the cabin, not paying any attention to me. I relaxed and after a few minutes I felt the orgasm. The most common, natural orgasm. Five minutes later another one. A strange feeling and nice and creepy at the same time: understand that you can't control your own body. As soon as we landed, all the pleasant feelings were gone. All week I was waiting for the return flight. But on the way back nothing happened... So guys, I back in town and look forward to meeting with you! 
P. S. I lose my phone on vocation so now I have new number! 

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